Dryer Repair Columbia, SC

In Columbia, SC and surrounding areas, Columbia All Appliance Repair, provides expert dryer repairs.  We repair all brands and models.   Is it a newer dryer? We have you covered.  Do your dryer have a heat element on bottom, or is it located at the back?  We still have you covered.   Very few things are as frustrating as finishing up a load of clothes, only to find out that you can not dry them, because your dryer will not operate properly. Although we know that it is hard, try to relax. We are here to help get your dryer back up and running, in as little time as possible.

Dryer Taken Apart
Testing Dryer
Dryer Repair Tools With Dryer
Clogged Dryer Filter Housing

What's Wrong With Your Dryer?

There are several things that can go wrong with your dryer.  Take comfort in knowing that, in this area, Columbia All Appliance Repair can assist you with multiple type refrigerator repairs.  We have tons of experience handling these issues, to include:

  • Dryer not heating

  • Dryer take too long to dry clothes

  • Dryer is noisy

  • Dryer won't start

  • Dryer won't complete cycle

  • Dryer is too hot

  • Dryer squeaking

  • Dryer won't tumble

  • Dryer won't stop running

  • And  more...

Contact us now and let's get your dryer back up and running.